Animal Performance Sheet

Bertelle SUPERBE Valiant CA 4159671.4
Born 11.02.1985 Father VALI US 1650414.1 Mother US 9902564.9 Breed **HO
Date of birth
B-casein A2
Breed code
Blood Fractions
**HB-A  **reinrassig
Lack of Horns
Genetic Markers
Unbekannt / inconnu, - , INC
Holstein Switzerland, Rte de Grangeneuve 37, 1725 Posieux
**I Milkability
Date B% Milk Milk kg Fat kg Fat % Protein kg Protein % B% Pers. Pers. B% ZZ ZZ B% FBK FBK ISET IPL IFF Date IV% DMG
02.04.2024 55  -607 -25 +0.00 -24 -0.04 38 108 86
Standard Lactation Total Lactation Code
Date Age Compl. Days Milk kg Fat % Fat kg Protein % Protein kg ZZ Z/R Pers. Days Milk kg Fat % Fat kg Prot. % Prot. kg PM MM Lact.
Lactation data in italics are estimated 305-day yields Live performance Milk kg/Daily
1: abnormal (AN), 2: early birth, 3: termination, 4: ET rinsing, 6: discarded
Trial Date Nr. Milk kg sample Milk kg day Fat % Prot. % ZZ 1000/ml HS mg/dl PM MM
Last insemination / ET (max 2)
1: inseminated 2: documented 5: embryo transfer 9: bull not shown / *unobserved
Date Lact Meth Format Pelvis Feet Udder Teats Total
ZW Exterior
ITP Exterior
Publication on:
Index type **     **
Frame **     **
Feet & legs **     **
Udder **     **
Teats **     **
Height at withers **klein     **gross
Chest width narrow     wide
Body depth deep     high
Muscling thin     much
Style none     much
Rump angle high pins     slopy
Rump width narrow     wide
Bone structure coarse     flat
Hock angle posty     sickled
Foot angle closed     open
Heel depth short     large
Position rear legs narrow     correct
Movement bad    
Fore udder att. weak     strong
Fore udder length short     long
Rear udder height deep     high
Rear udder width narrow     wide
Udder cleft not visible     deep cleft
Udder depth deep     high
Udder texture fleshy     soft
Fore teat length short     long
Fore teat plac. wide     close
Rear teat plac. wide     close